Our Vision

Enhancing Health Through The Right "Kcalorie" Intake.

Our Philosophy

What Can Be Measured, 
Can Be Managed.

Hear from the Founder

My passion stems from the indomitable pleasure that food brings to people. Their pleasure is synonymous to my satisfaction. Cooking with my mother from a tender age of 12 was my first tryst with food! Her kitchen lessons had sparked my interest in food. Which led me to take up Nutrition as my subject of study in college. I wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare sector wherein I would be able to contribute to people's health & wellbeing. So, here I am living my dream through my work!

I genuinely believe that knowing the intricacies of the nutritional value that food impart's to our body is integral to maintaining long-lasting good health & overall wellbeing.

My clients should know that I simply love cooking & making people eat!

So, rest assured that your journey towards good health will be a hassle-free smooth ride customized according to your lifestyle requirements & shall be your best step towards taking charge & taking control of your health!

My Approach

I aim to most importantly simplify the whole process for my client. To do this, I emphasize on diet items which are:

1. Easy to source / procure

2. Pocket friendly ingredients / item

3. Imparting the same taste with controlled Kcalorie!

Welcome to Kcalorie!