Renal Disease

Each kidney is composed by nephrons the important function of the nephron is to maintain the normal composition and volume of the blood.

Common Conditions

It is called nephritis is basically inflammation of the nephrons it is most common in children between 3 to 10 years and young adults the most common cause is a previous streptococcal infection. Superfood Beans are proclaimed to work wonders for Glomerulonephritis.

It is a disorder where the kidneys have been damaged causing them to leak protein from the blood into the urine. It is also termed as nephrosis meaning inflation of the nephrons. Superfood Cabbage is proclaimed to work wonders for Nephrotic Syndrome/ Nephrosis.

 Renal stones may be formed in the kidneys pelris on ureter. They are generally composed by calcium salts, uric acid, cystic or struiste. Superfood Blueberries are proclaimed to work wonders for Renal stones.

Common Myth!

"The only treatment for kidney disease is dialysis."

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